Ali Overton De Sousa


Food Photography

Photo of kalePhoto of kalePhoto of cauliflowerPhoto of brussel sproutsPhoto of a vegetable medleyPhoto of roasted brussel sprouts

Food photography for Pack Health’s Fall Food Guide


These photographs were taken mostly in natural light in the dining room of my apartment. Our goal for this shoot was to make it as realistic as possible, so we kept the styling and studio lights to a minimum. We chose this approach because the intended audience consisted almost entirely of people living in the rural south with a 6th-grade reading level and little-to-no cooking experience. We knew that an overly-produced and curated shoot would lead to a product that fell flat for the majority of Pack Health’s clients. Stripping it down to the bare minimum allowed us to create a guide that reflected what their audience might see and experience in their own kitchens.

This shoot was completed by myself and an assistant, who graciously volunteered to be my hand model.